About Us

About Us

We're Alpha Fabrication, and we started out as a powder coating shop. Customers would always ask us if we could "build a thing", and since we had all of the equipment to make their widget, we decided to build other things for other customers. Now, we're building production parts for Polaris RZR, Jeep, architects, home builders, brewery's...and just about anyone else who needs a "thing". If you have a product or project you're wanting help with, please give us a shout!


We own a 6'x12' Machitech SilverCut Plasma table - with it's Hypertherm 125a power supply, we can cut just about any metal you might want cut. We use Miller and Lincoln TIG and MIG welders so that we can attach pieces of metal together to make what some refer to as "art". We take a lot of pride in our ability to weld pretty seams, too. If you've got a project needing welded, come see us and we'll give you a quite to get it done for you. If you have a need for surface prep with a media blast booth, well, we do that too, utilizing our in-house, made with pride in the USA(!) Alpha-Blaster blast cabinets.

We also own a Bend-Tech Dragon A400 CNC Plasma tube notcher/cutter. Need a roll cage designed and coped, or a rail system for your staircase? How about a cable baluster for your back deck? Well, we've got the tools to make that project a reality, too.


We utilize Solidworks for all 3-D product design (like our flat beds and blast cabinets), and Bend-Tech for all of our tubing design. If you have a project you've designed in Google Sketch Up, OnShape, or many other software, send us a Solid model (IGES, STP, or native) along with material specifications, and we'll send you back a quote.