Alpha 48-60-96 Blast Cabinet

This is our second most popular cabinet size, and it's been designed for shops needing huge blasting power for just about any part that fits on a vehicle. It's internal dimensions are 48x60x96 inches, which offers an additional foot of depth as compared to our 48-48-96 cabinet. With 160 cubic feet of capacity, this booth will fit fenders, full-size truck bumpers, wheels, skid plates, leaf and coil springs, lawn furniture, engine blocks, and more.  The integrated dust collection is attached to the side of the cabinet.

There are six LED light panels supplying 14,400 lumen of light inside the cabinet. This much light ensures that you're never going to have dim spots or heavy shadows impairing your ability to see what you're blasting.

This cabinet comes standard with twin siphon stations - one on the left, the other on the right. You can opt for a Pressure Pot as well as a siphon. The self-filling pressure pot integrates fully with the sand bin - there's no filling it from outside the booth with a scoop and funnel like other cabinets on the market.

Just add your media of choice (Aluminum Oxide, Plastic, Glass, Walnut - anything except for Silica-based sands). Connect your air and 110v power and you're ready to start blasting!

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Alpha 48-60-96 Blast Cabinet designed for shops needing huge blasting power for just about any part that fits on a vehicle

  • $12,870.00

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