Alpha EB18 Blast Cabinet

This 18"x18"x18" blast cabinet is designed to optimize your production for powder coating extrusions.Made from the same 10gauge steel we use on all of our cabinets, this blaster will get your extrusion blasting off to a fantastic start! All you need is an air source, and a very small shop vac called the Bucket Head (included, and available at Home Depot).

Adjust your air pressure and run the extrusion through the cabinet, and a ready-to-powder part comes out the other side! This amazing little blast cabinet can handle extrusions from as small as 1/2" x 1/2" to 10"x9" in any configuration you've got. We offer different matched-set side carrier plates which hold the acrylic "form" of the extrusion you need to blast*. Offered in Top Only Guns, Top/Front Guns, and Top/Front/Back Guns, you can blast up to 3 sides of any extrusion at once in an easy, clean manner.

*We'll give you the dimensions of the carrier plate so that you can cut your own form plates out of acrylic, or send us a sample and we'll laser cut matching left/right plates for you.

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Alpha EB18 Blast Cabinet

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